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5 Ways to Accelerate Social Media Response Time For Better Experience/ - eGoodMedia

Undoubtedly, Social media is opening a new way of communication between companies and customers. Due to that, every customer has started to anticipate a quick response time from all brands and businesses.

Whether a customer wants to appreciate the product or raise their issue or problems, social media is offering a new way for users to connect with brand and business in real-time. Using social media you can keep a watch on your customer thinking, feeling, and different activities performed by them.

Since social media is allowing you to go through your user’s issues and problems, users also expect a quick reply in real-time. According to the research conducted by eptica, among 1000 American consumers 85% of them expect replay within six-hour on Facebook.

(Note: If you want to earn a very responsive badge for your Facebook page then you have to very responsive on your Facebook page. That means you have to reply to 90% of the message within 15 minutes. Once facebook analyzes you are fulfilling its requirement then your page will be credited as a very responsive page.)

Coming back on point, twitter user expectations are much higher than Facebook. That means 64% of the twitter user anticipant a quick response from page author within 60 minutes. If you are failing to respond to your customer post then you are not only losing them but you are increasing the chances of getting a bad online reputation among another user

In this article, we help you to determine why social media response time matters adn how you can speed up your social media response time to offer better customer service.

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